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Genesis Security Systems uses common sense easy-to-use design guidelines to create a Command and Control Console that meets your firm’s individual needs.


We integrate the different technologies together so that, for example, an alarm or an intercom will automatically call up the associated camera for an operator to easily review the event. Other types of integration include PeopleSoft and LDAP, insuring that your Access Control database is updated with new files without any additional administrative overhead; Networks (corporate or dedicated, with multiple subnets); Video Walls with different visual perspectives.


We segregate all non-essential equipment and install them into vertical racks. This decreases clutter as well as enhances serviceability.


We design the console(s) so that a single guard can manage your entire building or campus, automating all security functions. This reduces your overall operating costs as well as increases personnel performance.


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Your firm has been able to provide the right support, the right technical resources and the right resources, at the right time.

Andrew B., Security Program Manager, Government Contracting Firm

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