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IP Video Solutions are becoming more and more of an integral part of an organization’s integrated security system.

Like Access Control systems, not all IP Video Solutions are the same. At Genesis, we take the time to develop the right standards to have the right product fit your needs. Unlike the days of analog video, the deployment of integrated IP Video Solutions is much more complex and requires the consideration of multiple factors. This includes analyzing your network capacity for bandwidth, determining network type (dedicated or corporate), storage requirements (RAID or redundant), fail-over capabilities, number of users, server architecture, etc. This also means selecting the right camera for the right application, including megapixels (resolution), light levels and sensitivity, additional illumination requirements, distance limitations (copper or fiber) and backlighting issues.

Key Factors In Product and System Selection

Ease of Use

Many of the primary video management systems are replete with an array of technical features that are difficult for the everyday operator to use. From our experience, ease-of-use is one of the key factors affecting client preferences.


Everything has to work in the field with a 0.99999 level of performance.


All devices must be able to perform under a broad array of conditions including low light, backlighting, good data compression and wide dynamic range flexibility.



Integration with Software House

Any Video Management System must be able to fully integrate with the Software House platform, enabling cameras to be automatically called up in the event of an alarm.


The days of having hundreds of cameras being viewed simultaneously by a single guard are coming to an end. Instead, the market is shifting to intelligent video (analytics), alerting security operators when there is an exception event that creates an alarm condition. The forensic ability of IP Video Solutions will be a big driving force in the immediate future.


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Andrew B., Security Program Manager, Government Contracting Firm

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